MathML Toolbar Editor Test Page

Notes And Instructions:

  1. Hover over a button to see its keyboard shortcut.
  2. The Toolbar buttons can be expanded or contracted using the Collapse buttons, or CTRL+UP ARROW and CTRL+DOWN ARROW.
  3. Type "^" or click the Exponent button or press Ctrl+Alt+2 to create a Superscript.
  4. Click the Group button or press Ctrl+Space to enclose groups such as Numerators, Roots, etc.
  5. Click the Pi button or press Ctrl+Alt+0 or type "\p" to make the "Pi" symbol.
  6. Greek letters can be typed by typing a backlash before a Latin letter. (e.g. "\f" → "φ")
  7. Move through the edit field of the textbox by pressing the Right and Left Arrrow Keys.
  8. Click the Done button or press Enter to produce the code outputs. The equation will remain in the box for editing.

Math Output Box:

XML Output Box: